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Anyone can come along and get involved with us because each show is cast completely from scratch by OPEN AUDITION.  We’ve done it like that for almost 25 years.

We allocate 12 to 14 rehearsals to each show which are normally at weekends.

“The Essex Group bring musicals to life with an astounding array of young people that you just can’t help sitting there wondering if these are the actors of the future and then one such person arrives on stage at the Barbican playing Henry V with The Royal Shakespeare Company! Break a leg Alex Hassel who appeared with The Essex Group from boy to man”

Gary Sullivan - co Founder

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LES MISERABLES is being auditioned between 24th and the 28th October 2016 - A full cast of young actors are required for a February 2017 production

Hilarious antics are back with the comedy due Gary Sullivan and Josh Handley in this years classic Festive Panto.

Starring Lily Downes at Feline The Cat and our usual band of enthusiastic locals!



The SULLIVANH/WALLACE enegmkatic powerfully moving musical based on Victor Hugo’s classic Notre Dame de Paris comes to Witham with an “ALL STAR” CAST - Not to be missed! APRIL 2017

PETER PAN flys into Witham in July and promises to be the family musical theatre highloght of the year.  Meet Peter, Wendy and the Darlings, Captain Hook and the Lost boys but book early for this one it’s bound to be popular.

NOVEMBER sees the darkly entertaining Sondhiem hit musical on stage for four performances in the hands of 16 of the Counties top non professional actors.