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The Essex Group are a little bit different to other performing groups because we don’t have members.  Each show produced is cast completely from scratch by open audition which means anybody can come along and get involved.

This is how we do  business and have done for almost 25 years and it gives us the opportunity to gather the finest performers for our shows.  

Our productions have encompassed all genres, but mainly musicals and amongst our list of over 200 shows we have produced a number of world premieres with notable awards attached to them.

Our National and international reputation is firmly represented by a collection of awards that have spanned all aspects of production.  Our directors have won “Best Directors” awards and our actors “Best Actor” Awards and our technical back team have been duly recognised with many other awards too.

Whilst we are proud of our achievements, we believe that we are only as good as our current production and therefore, never lose sight of the necessity to focus on the quality of our work.

If you are a performer looking to have some fun or somebody who wants to see a good show on a local stage then take a look at what’s on offer at The Essex Group.

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